Scott Hancock producer/editor

Telling stories is the base for everything I do.  Working collaboratively with clients, knowing what gear to use, or how to edit the final piece, its all in support of the story.  

I spent the earlier part of my career in documentary editing rooms.  It was there I honed my skills at storytelling, worked with incredible filmmakers/collaborators, and was introduced to the lives of people I will forever be grateful for having known. In 2008 I decided to get out of the edit bay and into the field as a freelance producer/editor.  I am fortunate to have worked with clients ranging from change agents in the non-profit world, to government agencies, to world renowned corporations.  I stay on the cusp of the latest technologies and I surround myself with like minded artists and filmmakers  to help me realize the visions of my clients.  I feel fortunate  to do what I love for a living and I'm excited everyday for new challenges and collaborating with new and unique people.



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